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About Rob

Rob Applegate has been invested in Jeffco schools for many years and will continue to be, with two kids in the district, one at Norma Anderson Preschool and the other in middle school.  He is passionate about education and holds a PhD in Applied Physics from the Colorado School of Mines. Rob was raised by a single mom who worked two jobs to ensure he had a better life. She often left before Rob got up in the morning and came home after he was asleep. She taught him that a public education would be the key to his success and Rob says she was right. Rob didn't know if he was college bound and he knows that is not every students path forward. Because Rob's public education laid the path for his success Rob is passionate about ensuring every Jeffco student has the same opportunities. 

Rob serves on nonprofit boards throughout the community that promote science and the arts, including Think 360 Arts for Education, the Colorado Military Academy and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Development Steering Committee.  He has also served on the board of the Golden Schools Foundation, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education Advisory Board. Rob also served as the Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) coordinator at Welchester Elementary.

Rob believes we need independent voices on our school board. Candidates that tie themselves to special interests may not always be working in the best interest of our kids. Our kids are the most important asset of our community and deserve to have a school board who's members are looking out for them first.

The six primary tenets of Rob's campaign for JEFFCO School Board are:

A   Academic Excellence and Accountability

The district should strive for high academic achievement and high growth for all students no matter articulation area, family means, or school they attend.

B  Balanced Perspective

The board should understand multiple sides of an issue and work together towards the common good for all Jeffco students, faculty, staff, and the community.  They should not simply listen to the loudest voice in the room.

C  Children and Community Centered

The Jeffco community benefits from well-educated students and is also paying for that education.  The district and the board need to more deeply engage the community for feedback, that means everyone; students, educators, staff and tax payers without kids in the system.


1 Safety and Security - Students should feel safe not only when they enter a school but when they go home at night.

2 Fiscal Responsibility - The district must always remain responsible with the public’s finances.

3 Honoring Parents Ability to Choose - The district should strive for equity in choice.

Applegate for Jeffco Kids.
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