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Focus Areas

A - Academic Excellence and Accountability. The world is very different on the day a Jeffco student graduates from high school, than when that student began school. Students must be prepared for an ever changing world and have the tools for a world far different than even today. 

Academic excellence means not only working toward high academic achievement but also toward high growth. The best practices by high growth teachers and schools should be utilized throughout the district. A student should end the school year better than when they started it, while always striving to instill as much understanding and problem solving as possible. 


B - Balanced Perspectives. A balanced board is one that is not beholden to one specific “side”, but rather works to include all stakeholders. A balanced board comes from a diverse and inclusive board. Diversity in not only personal traits but diversity in perspectives and a willingness to listen and respect other points of view and striving for the common good of all stakeholders in the Jeffco community.  


C - Children and Community Centered. The students within Jefferson County are the outcome of all of our efforts. They should always be the focus in striving for the best educational experience possible. The community as a whole benefits from well-educated students, and ultimately is the one footing the bill. The district and the board need to more deeply engage the community for feedback. That means engaging all stakeholders; students, educators, staff, and the tax payers without students in the district. 


1 - Safety and Security. Students should feel safe not only when they enter a school but when they go home at night. Students face dangers that many of us never had to when we were in school. Physical security within the schools must remain a priority within the district, while also addressing new threats such as cyber security. Social media landscapes are continuously changing and the district needs to remain at the forefront of understanding what our students are experiencing and how that effects their education. Students’ data must always remain secure.


2 - Fiscal Responsibility/Accountability. 70% of the population of Jefferson county have no students in the district, yet they are invested financially in our students. The district must always remain responsible with the public’s finances and accountable to the people within Jefferson County. The district does a good job of being transparent, but must also show  where and how money is being spent and if those expenditures are effective. 


3 - Honoring Parents’ Ability to Choose. 40% of students in Jefferson County choice into the school they attend. Whether that means going to a different neighborhood school outside of their immediate area, choosing to attend an option school, or choosing to attend a charter school, parents and student should not be punished for the decision they make. 

Similarly, the district should strive for equity in choice. Some parents can’t get their kids to the school that best fits their student. The district must always strive for best interest of all students in the district. 

Applegate for Jeffco Kids.
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